Alwin Bully


Alwin Bully is a unique and compelling figure in Dominica’s cultural milieu. Born on November 23rd, 1948, he has had a remarkable career of stellar achievements in almost every area of artistic expression.

His contribution to Caribbean arts and culture includes groundbreaking actor, playwright, stage director, film director, sculptor, songwriter, poet, costume designer, painter, and cultural activist. He established the Cultural Division in Dominica and was its first Director. In 1978, he won the prestigious competition for the design of the flag for a new independent Dominica. This earned him the E.O. Leblanc Award for Arts and Culture.  In 1987 he became UNESCO’s Cultural Advisor to the Caribbean until he retired in 2006. In 2011 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of The West Indies recognizing him as one of the Caribbean’s finest cultural icons. He now serves as Vice Chairman of the National Cultural Council.

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