Portwe Pou Tout Moun

Portwe pou tout moun art-print series is honored to make available high-quality canvas prints of the Bele Dancer Series by Earl Darius Etienne. This new series not only celebrates the work of the Nature Island of Dominica’s premiere artist, it also celebrates the vibrancy, rhythm and color of Dominica’s traditional dances and the people who execute them.
There are 12 prints authorized by Earl for this series in limited edition. Each painting is available in three sizes: 24” x 18”, 36” x 24” and 48” x 36”. The artist signs and numbers each print in his own hand. A certificate of authenticity is provided. They are printed on canvas using a giclee process and stretched over a wooden structure. Patrons have the option to have the prints hung as sold, to have them framed in various styles offered on this website, or to have the canvas unmounted and rolled-up for shipping.
It is the hope of Campbell’s Business Machines and Supplies Ltd. that these exquisite paintings will grace homes, places of work, and community centers, where people of every age and circumstance may, for even a brief moment, contemplate and enjoy a truly beautiful work of art.