Lisette Stevens

May be art of 1 person and bird
Lisette Stevens is a self-taught artist who makes her home in the forested interior of the Nature Island of Dominica.  Her depictions of the exotic bird and marine life of the island is truly synchronized with her spirit: an unmatched reverence and passion for life in general. Her simple but faithful depictions are full of color, energy and expressive eyes.
Among her paintings include the two endemic parrots of the Dominica; The Sisserou or Imperial Parrot (Amazona Imperialis) and the Jacko or Red-Necked Parrot (Amazona Arausiaca.) Another is the female Blue-Headed Hummingbird (Cyanophaia bicolor) sitting on a nest, after a photograph by ornithologist Dr. Paul Reillo. A highlight of her painting career was when she presented a limited edition portrait of one of her paintings to the Prince of Wales when he visited Dominica after Hurricane Maria in 2017. Other paintings are of the various turtles that live in the seas surrounding Dominica. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and purchasing her work.